Air Jordan XIX black/chrome-varsity red

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When I first saw samples of the XIX's, I absolutely hated them. I even went so far as to say I wouldn't be getting a simgle pair of them. Well, things obviously changed.
As time went on, I started liking the design of the XIX's more and more. I skipped the first release of the XIX's, the white/grey colorway, but awaited the black/red ones with much anticipation. I thought that I would probably like those the best. And indeed, I did. I got my pair the day they hit the stores. Went home, took pictures of them and wore them in practice in the evening.
As I thought, this shoe really does look great. There's something mystic about its look. That probably comes from it being mostly black, but the different materials used on the shoe, the patent leather and the tech-flex, add their share to it.
Not only do the XIX's look good, they also perform fantastically on the court. Actually, I think in terms of performance, the Air Jordan XIX is the best basketball shoe I've ever had. The concept behind the XIX was to make it very lightweight, but still supportive. That goal was perfectly achieved. The XIX really is one of the lightest Jordans while the speed lacing system and especially the strap around the heel provide excellent stability around the ankle. I'm very grateful for that because ever since I injured my left foot, I'm always looking for shoes with good ankle support.
I'm glad I changed my mind on these.