About this Website

This website originally started with the intention of showing pictures of my Air Jordan collection to the online sneaker community "Niketalk".
Instead of just uploading my pictures to some free webspace server, I decided to put together a little website for presenting my collection.
As I was putting the site together, ideas started flowing of what else I could do with this website. The "Jordans on Court" section was something I wanted to do most because I had collected all these pictures of Michael Jordan and other NBA players wearing Air Jordans and I couldn't think of any other site offering a similar kind of feature.

I uploaded the site to a free webhosting server even though only two sections were finished. During the months that followed, I hardly ever worked on the site anymore and there were no real noteworthy updates. Finally, I more or less put the site on hold. (The old website can still be found here unless Fortunecity has cancelled my account).

Approximately one and a half year after first launching the original website, I found myself with new motivation and enough time at my disposal to take a new approach at this unfinished project. I decided to totally redesign the site, update the existing sections and finally add some fresh content.
Also, I bought my own domain and webspace to get rid of those annoying ads.

The main idea behind this website is to offer its visitors something they won't find on any other website.
The site WILL be updated now and then, but not on a daily or weekly basis. I don't want this site to become an obligation, but rather a fun thing to do as a hobby.

After all, it's all For the Love of the Game.